Tennis Clay Court Maintenance Equipment

                       NEW PICKLEBALL PADDLE HOLDERS
Functional and practical! Your game always deserves the best! Made of stainless steel and aluminum for long life!


New longer and long lasting replacement teeth rake panels for the Court Rake Tow Model.
• 8 inches, longer than the other rake panels.
What you need is to have a rake that goes gently over the line tape and hydrogrid lid without damaging them. On the other side, heavy enough to do their job erasing the marks left behind by players and rake the clay and distribute the material evenly preventing the formation of unwanted algae.

• New design allows the rake to be used on the tennis court even with wet clay, minimizing the amount of dredged clay coming from other rakes.

• The new design tines rake panels allows less build up of material.

• New improved design longer and long lasting tines than the other rake panels.

• More flexible, they will go easier and more gently over the line tape and hydrogrid lid without damaging them.

• Excellent resistance to corrosion.

• And most importantly you get more for less money.

"We do not represent any brand golf cart, we only mention the brand as a reference to show our customers how the Side Rake looks installed on your golf cart and thus answer the question of whether the Side Rake can be placed or installed properly in your golf cart."

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The new way to care and provide proper maintenance to the side corners and central area of tennis courts.
Years of experience working in all areas related to the maintenance of tennis courts, allows us to develop tools that work and perform much faster and easier while taking better care of tennis courts.
The Automatic Side Rake, the Foot Rake and the new design longer and long lasting replacement teeth rake panels are designed to be used as a daily grooming tool for the surface of sub-irrigated Har-Tru courts, including HydroCourt, HydroGrid.

The Automatic Side Rake or the Foot Rake are used daily to combat algae in the corners and keep the top side surface from becoming too hard and pasty. When used regularly, The Automatic Side Rake or the Foot Rake provides a healthy looking condition on the sides near the fence brick line. The Automatic Side Rake or the Foot Rake can be pulled over line tapes and over the hydrogrid lid without damaging them. Side Rake and Court Rake Tow Model replacement teeth panels are available.

Daily grooming just got easier!

The new Dual Action Hand Rake works by allowing the rake teeth to pivot forward and backward. Unlike other rakes, the movement of the rake teeth allows the rake to do more making scarification more effective and easier on you. Working in both directions increases the cutting action into the clay, thus giving you an excellent tool to remove unwanted algae.

Constructed of excellent quality materials and proudly made in the USA!
The Dual Action Hand Rake is a must have tool that will allow you to achieve the best finish of your clay and with much less effort.

Bocce Courts

"The Dual Action Hand Rake and our new long-lasting Rake panels on your Bocce Courts."
"Remember, our rakes can be used to keep in excellent condition your Bocce Courts, by giving you the best finishes for a game where the level, density and surface smoothness is very important.
Our tools are designed to achieve the highest finishes and result giving the user the best way to perform the job with virtually no effort."